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The regulatory Yield At Mini-Circle road sign has very specific rules that must be obeyed

A mini-circle

This is usually at a small urban or suburban intersection controlled by:

  • a mini-circle regulatory road sign, as shown above
  • a Yield line at each intersecting road, and
  • The Mini-circle Painted Island means the Yield At Mini-circle rules applya yellow and white small painted island in the centre of the intersection – usually in the form of a raised hump – as shown above.

Note: In the past, a sign similar to the one shown above was placed at all traffic circles, not only mini-circles. Some roundabouts still show this sign instead of the Roundabout sign.

Mini-circle - Left Turn

Left turn at a mini-circle - Image source: The New K53 Manual

Mini-circle - Right Turn

Right turn at a mini-circle - Image source: The New K53 Manual




The rules

  • Give way (yield) to any vehicle that will cross any Yield line before you do and is likely to cross your path.
  • If you do not intend proceeding straight ahead, as you approach the Yield sign/marking indicate your intention to turn left or right. If you intend continuing straight ahead, no signal should be given.
  • Move in a clockwise direction around the centre painted mini-island (normally not applicable if you’re turning left).
  • Do not encroach on or drive on the painted island.
    • Trucks may have difficulty with this, so the rule is more rigidly applied to light motor vehicles and motorcycles.

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