Traffic Circle Rules – K53

In brief

(See the captions beneath each of these first two road signs)

The regulatory Yield At Mini-Circle road sign has very specific rules that must be obeyed

Yield At Mini-circle road sign RULE: First to arrive, first to move off

The Roundabout 'Control' sign has a set of rules that must be obeyed. They are different from those of the Yield At Mini-circle sign

Round- about sign RULE: Yield to traffic from the right; move clockwise round the island

The traffic circle rules are different for the two different kinds of traffic circles – the mini-circle and the larger roundabout.

The road signs are different too, although some roundabouts still have the old red, white and black Yield At Traffic Circle control sign instead of the blue and white Roundabout command sign.

For this reason it is wise to take note of the road markings as well.




The road markings

The Mini-circle Painted Island means the Yield At Mini-circle rules apply

Mini- circle Painted Island: First come, first go

A Kerb Edge road marking indicated the edge of a roundabout traffic island or a raised road edge

Kerb Edge marking on an island's edge: Give way to the right

The mini-circle painted island shown on the left indicates that the traffic circle is indeed a mini-circle, so obey the Yield At Mini-circle rules: vehicles must move off in the sequence in which they arrived at the painted Yield line, if safe to do so.

The kerb edge marking shown on the right is usually painted on the kerb that runs around the traffic island of a roundabout. So, if there’s no yellow-and-white mini-circle marking in the centre of the intersection, it may well be a roundabout with the wrong road sign.

If it is a Roundabout and definitely not a mini-circle, give way to traffic already in the circle that is approaching you from your right and close enough to be a potential hazard. Travel around the island in a clockwise direction. Signal left before the exit you wish to take, but after the exit before that one.

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