Topscore K53 Test Success CD + Book Of Tests

The Topscore K53 Test Success interactive CD, which covers both the learner’s Licence and the Driving Licence tests, is also available in a combo pack that includes a book – JUST THE TEST – with 174 extra Learner’s Licence test questions to assess your knowledge and test-readiness when you’re not at a computer to use the CD.

These questions are over and above the bank of over 1,000 test questions on the CD, which are used to generate as many digital practice tests as you wish.

The bonus book simulates how you will be tested at the testing centre, and this additional offline practice will further increase your likelihood of passing.

Like the CD, the book includes additional information to help you with the computerised tests that are used at some testing stations.


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Ask at retail stores for the Topscore K53 Learner’s & Driver’s Test Success CD Plus Book – Combo Pack. Try the likes of CNA, Exclusive Books, The Write Shoppe, and others.


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