The New Official K53 Manual – Road Signs With Meanings

For the test, it is important that you learn the South African road signs with meanings, rather than learning only the name of a sign. Often a road sign’s name does not tell you all the rules that apply to that sign.

For example, a Yield at Mini-circle sign does not simply mean only what its name suggests. It also has rules about right of way once you have yielded at the Yield Line, and more. Only by learning the road signs with meanings will you be able to answer test questions correctly in the official test.

The New K53 Manual has a nice clean layout for learning the road signs, signals and surface markings, with the signs grouped together in their different categories. Below is a sample of a page explaining some Command signs and Prohibition signs within the Regulatory Signs group.

As you can see in the example below, a typical road signs page first gives the overall purpose of a particular category of signs and what these kinds of signs basically mean. It then shows an image of each sign in that category together with its own specific meaning. So learning the road signs with meanings in this way is really the best way to understand and remember the information for the test.


Sample page

New K53 Manual Sample Page - Road Signs

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