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Where to buy The New Official K53 Manual

• Print (paper) edition:

  • From bookshops such as the CNA, Exclusive Books, etc.
  • Order online:
    English (ISBN 9781432303280)
    Afrikaans: (ISBN 9781432303297)

• Downloadable eBook edition – with online test options:

  • For reading on a computer or tablet only (cannot be printed or copied)
  • All enquiries about the eBook edition and online tests should be directed to that publisher’s website, not to this site.
  • Click here to buy and download the eBook for only R50
  • OR to access the full set of 255 online practice test questions AND download the downloadable eBook, for just R10 more
  • OR to do the online practice tests of 255 questions only, up to 5 times, for R30


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