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Minibus On FireI’m sure most light motor vehicle drivers do the K53 Exterior Inspection of the motor vehicle only once in their lives – when they have to do it as part of the K53 Driving Licence test. Well, perhaps it is a good idea to make a habit of doing a quick visual check of your motor vehicle every day before you’re about to drive it for the day – even more importantly if you carry passengers whose lives might also be at risk.

It certainly is a must to check out anything ‘odd’ that you notice while driving.

Taxi drama near my suburb

This taxi driver not only put his own life at risk, but also those of his passengers. Here are the photos, along with the story via a Facebook comment by one of our City Councillors.

I’m not suggeting that a pre-trip inspection would have prevented it, though it may well have shown up something that could have caused the fire in the first place. Perhaps there had been a petrol leak, or some other flammable substance that ignited when it fell onto the hot exhaust pipe. Or perhaps there was some object scraping against the tyre that caused it to ignite, if that is possible.

The real cause of the flaming inferno?

According to a comment in Facebook, the driver was told by another motorist that there was smoke billowing from the vehicle’s rear wheel area and that he should stop the vehicle immediately. The taxi driver chose to ignore that advice and continued driving (see Facebook comment lower down).


One taxi destroyed for life!

Minibus Taxi Destroyed By Fire



Exerpt from a Facebook thread




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