Shuters K53 Learner’s Licence Manual

Shuters K53 Learner's Licence Manual

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This new Shuters K53 Learner’s Licence Manual contains all the important and necessary information needed when learning for the Learner’s Licence Test to enable candidates to pass the official test. It includes:

  • an explanation of all the rules of the road for light and heavy motor vehicles, as well as motorcycles;
  • information on the controls of the various types of motor vehicles, and what each control is used for;
  • in-depth explanations of all the road signs: regulatory, warning, guidance, tourism and information signs, as well as all road surface markings;
  • a Learner’s Licence practice test – similar to the official test – for extra preparation and test-readiness.


Other useful features of the book

In compliance with the Learner’s Licence Test syllabus as specified by the National Road Traffic Act, this new manual includes:

  • shaded panels giving extra tips and hints;
  • a practical revision activity at the end of each key section of the syllabus;
  • a chapter of important motoring principles, well laid out, to help you become a safe driver on South Africa’s public roads, and to brush up on your understanding of driving rules and practices.


Other comments

The Shuters K53 Learner’s Licence Manual is neatly laid out for ease of learning and revision.

Note: This publication is for the Learner’s Licence test only, and does not cover the practical driving test which is done some time after a candidate has been granted a Learner’s Licence.


Where to buy Shuters K53 Learner’s Licence Manual

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Title: Shuter’s K53 Learner’s Licence Manual
Publisher: Shuter & Shooters (Pty) Ltd
ISBN: 978-0-7960-4367-2


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