Rules Of The Road | K53 Learner’s Licence Test

The Rules of the Road form a substantial part of the syllabus for the South African Learner’s Licence Test. Use this index to help you understand some that people seem to be unsure about.


From the South African National Road Traffic Act

[This section] ‘encompasses all the general actions and observations a driver must know to be a safe driver on the road. Other drivers on the road expect a driver to know these rules to be able to safely negotiate the actions of fellow drivers.

The rules also regulate the actions of pedestrians. Pedestrians have to conduct themselves in a specific manner and may not endanger themselves or drivers on the road.’


Some rules you may not be sure about

Traffic Circles – overview

Traffic Circles – general



Stopping within a traffic circle

Cellphones while driving

Emergency triangles

Following distance

Learner drivers on freeways

Left-edge yellow marking rules

Loads on a vehicle roof

Occupants with part of the body protruding outside the vehicle


Painted islands

Roadworthiness and overloading

Seat belts

Texting while driving


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