Official South African Road Sign Charts – K53

Road Sign - Give Way To Oncoming Traffic

Yield to oncoming traffic – a Regulatory sign that must be obeyed

Here you can download all the road signs with meanings (sign names), free of charge. These are the official road sign charts as printed by the Department of Transport of South Africa.

To find meanings of road signs in a particular category, such as a warning sign:

  1. Refer to Chart 2, Warning Signs.
  2. Look for that sign in the road signs images sheet 2, and note its reference number.
  3. Then refer to Chart 5 to look up that sign number and get its very brief meaning (in the form of a sign name).

Note: These road sign meanings are really just the names of the signs, and not the full information about South African road signs and meanings that you would need to know for the road signs tests.


To prepare for the official test on road signs

You will need to refer to one of the study manuals, or the CD-ROM, which are reviewed on this site.

These study materials give the sign name as well as its full meaning regarding how the driver should respond to the road sign (or surface marking or traffic signal). The New K53 Manual and the Topscore K53 CD-ROM also give you practice tests along with the correct answers together with an explanation of each correct answer.

So it is suggested that the downloadable road sign charts be used only to help you become familiar with the sign groupings and the really basic meaning of each sign.

For the real test you also need to know what that name/meaning really means.

Click here to download the five road signs charts free of charge