Report Corruption

Obtaining a Learner’s Licence and a Driving Licence in South Africa is unfortunately an area that is still open to fraud and corruption. Some officials solicit bribes in return for assisting test candidates in one way or another to obtain the applicable licence, even if it is by means of buying a fraudulent document.

Paying a bribe is a criminal act and also keeps fraud and corruption alive in South Africa.

As a candidate, or a driver, never agree to any bribe or fraudulent practice, no matter how tempting it may be. Always report corruption when you know about it.

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Report corruption to any of these useful contacts




Justice Project South Africa

Corruption Hotline 0800 203 712



 Corruption, traffic enforcement and road safety logoFor an informative article on how corruption negatively affects road safety, and therefore YOUR safety on our roads, click here (or on the logo on the left) to read it in a separate window/tab.

Unfortunately corruption and fraud have become a way of life in South Africa, and anyone who pays a bribe is as guitly as those who demand a bribe. So, we as citizens, really do need to play our role and report corruption whenever we become aware of it.