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Hey bad drivers and negligent vehicle owners!

The South African public is sick of you and the hardships you bring to peace-loving citizens of our beautiful country. Enough already!


Report them!

Report bad driving

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South African Coat-of-ArmsDo you wish at times that you could report bad driving to some central authority or website? Well, you can.

Some years ago the National Department of Transport set up a National Traffic Call Centre (NTCC) to give easy access to drivers, passengers, pedestrians and public road transport passengers on buses and minibus taxis to report:

  • bad drivers
  • unsafe vehicles
  • reckless and negligent driver behaviour
  • fraud and corruption within the traffic situation


Do it safely and legally

Obviously, to report a situation such as one of those listed above, you need to take down the details of the vehicle or person, the time, and nature of the incident. Remember, using a cellphone while driving is illegal. It is also essential that the driver maintain full control of the vehicle and drive safely with full attention on the road ahead.

So, set things up in your vehicle is such a way that
a passenger can get the details or make the phonecall for you.


Direct contact details

Tel Number : 012 665 6075
Fax Number : 012 665 6085
E-mail address:


Report online

Bad driving

Hazardous road conditions

Become a voluntary public traffic observer


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A name-and-shame website

Here is a different kind of (independent) resource that can be used as well.


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