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red-reflectorReflective Material Required On Vehicles seems to be one of those sections of the National Road Traffic Act around which some questions have apparently cropped up in the electronic tests set by the Department of Transport, in disregard of the Act.

These questions are not part of the Rules of the Road syllabus on which the test is supposed to be based, per the National Road Traffic Act. They are part of a section of the Act called ‘Vehicle Fitness’.

However, to help those candidates who end up having to answer such questions, here are some specifications related to the reflective material that is required on vehicles. The information is good to know anyway.

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Note: This information relates to the vehicle itself, and not to loads carried on vehicles (which information is included in all the study material publications recommended on this site).



  • a red reflector fitted at the back


Light motor vehicles

  • two red reflectors at the back, one at the left and one at the right


Heavy motor vehicles

  • a red reflector at the back left and one at the back right, at the same height as each other


Additional requirements for specific heavy vehicles


yellow-reflectorHeavy motor vehicles, or vehicle combinations, longer than 7 metres

  • yellow reflectors fitted along each side, not more than 3.6 metres apart from each other
  • with the gross vehicle mass does not exceed 10,000 kg: yellow reflective tape may be used instead of or as well as yellow reflectors


yellow-reflective-tapeGoods vehicles with a gross vehicle mass of more than 10,000 kg

  • yellow reflective tape along the sides and across the back of the vehicle


Goods vehicles with a gross vehicle mass up to (not more than) 10,000 kg

  • individual reflectors are not compulsory if reflective strips are fitted along the length


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