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This page explains the differences between various pedestrian crossing road markings and road signs, as well as speed hump markings and road signs, as this is an area where people often get confused.

In summary: speed humps are to slow down the traffic speed; pedestrian crossings are demarcated places where pedestrians can cross the road and motorists are obliged to obey the related regulatory signs and markings rules.


Speed humps

Speed hump road marking

A speed hump is a hump in the road designed to slow traffic down for reasons of safety, usually near places where there are often pedestrians crossing or walking in the road – e.g. schools, hospitals.+

The hump itself is highlighted by means of painted white stripes in the design shown below. A speed hump marking should not be confused with a pedestrian crossing marking. They are not the same thing and do not have the same meaning.

A speed hump marking is a warning marking (hence the reference number starting with ‘W’) and shows the driver the position of the hump in the road.

Speed hump road marking

Speed humps warning road sign

Ahead of a speed hump or a series of speed humps there is often also a warning road sign to warn motorists that there are speed humps ahead.

Warning road sign -speed humps ahead


Pedestrian crossings

There are two kinds of pedestrian crossing markings and they both have exactly the same meanings and rules as set out below. They are both regulatory markings, which means their rules must be obeyed.

Pedestrian crossing road marking lines

Pedestrian crossing line marking

Block pedestrian crossing road marking

Block pedestrian crossing marking

Regulatory signs related to pedestrians

Yield to pedestrians regulatory road sign

The Yield to pedestrians road sign means just that: give way to any pedestrians crossing or waiting to cross the road.

Yield to pedestrians

Pedestrian crossing ahead warning sign

The Pedestrian crossing warning sign is to give advance warning to motorists that there is a marked pedestrian crossing ahead, so that the motorist can slow down as may be necessary and be prepared to give way.

Pedestrian crossing warning sign

Pedestrians ahead warning sign

The Pedestrians ahead warning road sign is to warn motorists that there may be pedestrians near or on the roadway ahead, so that the motorist can slow down as necessary and drive particularly carefully. Note, this sign does not indicate that there is a demarcated pedestrian crossing ahead, only that there may be pedestrians ahead.

Pedestrians ahead warning sign

Pedestrian priority regulatory road sign

The Pedestrian priority road sign demarcates an area where pedestrians have priority, and where special set of rules apply to drivers of motor vehicles, as set out in frame below.

Pedestrian priority road signPedestrian priority road sign -part 2

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