Learner’s Licence – K53

Motor vehicle learner’s licence (for motorcycles, see next heading)

L Plate

Best to have an L-Plate at the back of the learner driver’s vehicle

The motor vehicle learner’s licence authorises you to drive on a public road (including a freeway) in preparation for obtaining a driving licence.

The Learner’s Licence is valid for 24 months. (If you obtained your licence when the validity period was 18 months, the licence remains valid for 18 months only and does not automatically enjoy the new 24 months duration.)

You must always be accompanied by a driver who holds a valid driving licence for the same class of vehicle that you are driving. That person must sit on the front seat next to you, or, if that is not possible, then directly behind you. You may not drive alone.

You may carry passengers in a motor vehicle (but not on a motorcycle) provided they do not pay a fare.


Motorcycle learner’s licence

The holder of a motorcycle learner’s licence may not carry a passenger, and must therefore ride the bike alone.

Note: Motorcycles with an engine capacity of 50 cc or less are not allowed on a freeway.

See also the two codes of motorcycle licences.


Learner’s licence test

To obtain a learner’s licence you must apply to do the learner’s licence test applicable to the class of vehicle you intend to drive. In the test you must obtain the required pass mark for each section of the test.


What the test covers

To pass the learner’s licence test you must know and understand:

  • the many rules of the road;
  • the theory of the K53 defensive driving system;
  • the controls of the vehicle and what each is used for (e.g. steering wheel, gears, foot-brake, etc.); and
  • the meaning of the many road signs, signals and painted road surface markings, and how the driver must react to each of them.

See also: Licence Codes

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