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Help for candidates facing ‘illegal questions’

The official Learner’s Licence test includes questions that are not part of the test syllabus as set out in the National Road Traffic Act of South Africa. Candidates need to be aware of this. I call these questions ‘illegal questions’ because the Department of Transport had chosen to include them in contravention of the Act.

For some reason, now that the test can be manipulated more easily with the electronic testing system, the Department of Transport seems to be ignoring the requirements of the Act even more.  It has in recent times been slipping in questions related to a section of the Act that is termed Vehicle Fitness. This section relates to the specifications for vehicles themselves, not the rules governing the use of a vehicle on a public road — which is what the Learner’s Licence test is meant to cover (as well as knowledge of road signs and the controls of a vehicle).


Complaints received from test candidates

Complaints received so far have related to questions about what reflective material is required on various classes of motor vehicle, and the height and width of the handlebars on a motorcycle.

To assist test candidates who might be faced with these ‘illegal’ questions, I have included blog posts covering these two items. Should more complains be received, more such items will be added, and more tweets will go out in Twitter to make a noise about this disgraceful behaviour by the Department of Transport.


Please submit any additional complaints

If you write the learner’s Licence test and feel you have been asked questions that are not an aspect of Rules of The Road, Road Signs or Controls of the Vehicle, you can use the Contact Form to let me know and I will investigate and add it to the K53 Blog is appropriate.


Links to relevant information

To find the topics that have been causing problems, please use the Select Category drop-down arrow in the right-hand column of the Blog pages, and under Learner’s Licence Test, click on Vehicle Fitness to open a list of blog posts in that category.

Here are links to the items mentioned above:

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