K53 Pre-Trip Inspection

The K53 pre-trip inspection of a motor vehicle

The K53 pre-trip inspection is to make sure that the vehicle is roadworthy for the driving test, and that you know what items to check and maintain once you are a licenced driver.

It differs from a typical roadworthy check conducted for obtaining a vehicle licence. With the K53 pre-trip inspection it is your responsibility to go through the inspection yourself, in the required manner. You must demonstrate that (a) you know what items to check and in what sequence, and (b) those items are in fact safe and in working order.


Two parts to the K53 pre-trip inspection

The inspection is in two parts: the exterior of the vehicle and the interior. The sequence of these two inspections may differ between light and heavy motor vehicles, as explained in the K53 study materials. For light motor vehicles, the exterior inspection is done before you get into the vehicle. Minor defects can be rectified, but no extra time will be allowed for this.

After the vehicle has passed the exterior inspection, you will be required to show the examiner that the items specified for the interior inspection are all working properly.

If any of the specified items don’t operate as they should, the vehicle will be regarded as unroadworthy. A ‘fail’ will be recorded and the test will be discontinued there and then.

So, before going for your driving licence test, make sure the vehicle is in fact roadworthy according to the K53 pre-trip inspection checklist.


How the inspection is conducted

The exterior inspection will include checking that such things as the various fittings and body parts are all secure and in good working order. After this inspection you will be required to carry out a similar inspection of the interior of the vehicle to check such items as the lights, indicators, windscreen wipers, hooter and so on, to make sure they all work when activated.

These inspections should be done in a particular way and there are certain things you can be penalised for if you do not do the checks properly.

Full details of the Pre-trip Inspection requirements for light motor vehicles, heavy motor vehicles and motorcycles are given in the K53 manuals and in the interactive CD that are reviewed elsewhere on this site.

As a sample, click here for the pre-trip inspection for a light motor vehicle.


Recommended K53 preparation material

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In these materials all the K53 pre-trip inspection requirements are explained in full detail together with illustrations.


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