K53 Learner’s Licence Practice Test Questions

Use these 255 online practice test questions, which are based on the official test syllabus and question style, to assess your readiness for the official SA Learner’s Licence test.

Online Learner's Licence Practice Test

Re-test yourself over and over

Do all the online practice test questions up to five times to make sure you’re ready to write the Learner’s Licence test at the testing station.

  • Test your knowledge
  • Increase your confidence
  • Decrease anxiety
  • Increase you likelihood of passing first time


Three online website options

Option 1:

Do all 255 test questions online, up to five times.

Option 1 assumes you have already studied well, using one of the manuals recommended on this site, and wish to see how good you are at answering all 255 practice questions up to five times.

Option 2:

Buy the eBook edition of The New Official K53 Manual for the Learner’s and Driver’s Licence tests (which includes test questions and answers inside the book).

Option 2 will suit you if you still need to study for the official test and are happy to do the tests that are included in The New Official K53 Manual, and skip doing them online too.

Option 3:

Take all 255 questions online (up to five times), plus receive the eBook edition of The New Official K53 Manual (in English).

Option 3 is probably the best option if you have not yet studied for the official test. You can study from the most complete manual available, and do the in-book practice tests, including the questions with answer explanations. You can then also take the online mock tests for only R10 more than the price of the eBook.


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Mobile App option


Download the K53 test app from the App Store

Further improve your chances of passing your learner’s licence the first time with The K53 Test App. The app includes 255 multiple-choice questions similar to those asked in the official learner’s licence test. Questions are divided into three categories – vehicle controls, rules of the road and road signs – and are randomised each time you take the test.

The app also allows you to review your answers and see whether you are ready for the official test or still need to revise some more.


Key features of the app

  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Covers all vehicle classes: light, heavy and motorcycles
  • Includes information about the computerised learner’s test given by the traffic department
  • Review the answers you got wrong and see which answer you should have selected
  • No limit to how many times you can test yourself
  • Randomised questions so that each test is not identical to the previous test/s you did for that same topic or category

Note: The app assumes you have already studied well, using one of the manuals recommended on this website. The K53 Learner’s app enables you to do practice tests on your mobile device to see how well prepared you are for the real test at the testing centre.

To view some screenshots, click here (opens a new window)

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