K53 Driver’s Licence

South African Driving Licence card

Image from CapeGateway.gov.za

The South African driver’s licenceThe official term is Diving Licence. People popularly refer to this as the driver's licence. Note that in South Africa, licence is spelt with a c, not an s as it is in the USA. authorises you to drive on a public road a motor vehicle or motorcycle of the class as indicated on the licence and in compliance with any restrictions (e.g. only when wearing glasses or contact lenses, if that is what was specified as a result of an eye test).

These vehicle classes are set out in a schedule of licence codes that apply to both a learner’s licence and a driving licence.

Important: If you already have a driver’s licence for a particular vehicle code, and you wish to obtain a driver’s licence for a different code that your licence code does not allow, you do need to pass a learner’s licence test for that other code, as well as a driving test. This applies to all vehicles, including motorcycles.

South African Driving Licence Card - Back

Back of licence card showing driver and vehicle restrictions that apply. Image from roadsafety.wordpress.com

For example, if you have a driving licence for a motorcycle of 125 cc and you want to obtain driving licence for a bike over 125 cc, you must still pass the learner’s licence test again.

So, if you have a driver’s licence for a particular code, you are allowed to drive any class of vehicle included in that code grouping. If you want to drive a vehicle in a different code group, you must pass both the learner’s licence and the driver’s licence tests for that other code, which will authorise you to drive any vehicle in that other code grouping.

Click this link to view a user-friendly alphabetical list of licence codes.

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