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The recent complaints about the learner’s licence test questions used at the Akasia testing centre refer. Here is a summary of the situation (or click here to skip down to an interim solution for candidates).

  • Akasia is asking questions about motorcycle handlebars specifications.
  • The items tested are not in accordance with the National Road Traffic Act which states that candidates must know and understand the Road Signs, Rules of the Road and the Controls of the Vehicle. These handlebars questions relate to a totally different section of the National Road Traffic Act. They can therefore be considered as illegal questions.
  • The matter has been brought to the attention of the Department of Transport who have said that there is no such question in the official test. The Department was again advised that several candidates have complained that those questions are indeed in the computerised tests conducted at the Akasia centre.
  • The matter has also been reported to Carté Blanche and to the Sunday Times.
  • At the time of writing this blog post, we are not aware that any action has been taken over this problem that is causing candidates to fail their learner’s licence test.


An interim solution is offered on this website

While this matter is hopefully being attended to by the Department of Transport, people are still failing the test because of these questions (which seem so far to be isolated to the Akasia testing centre in Pretoria.

To help candidates pass these questions and obtain their motorcycle learner’s licence, the information – per the National Road Traffic Act’s Rules and Regulations No. R225 – is given on this website.

Click here for motorcycles handlebars specifications as well as other items that set out measurements and distances.


Did YOU get asked such questions?

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