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Is it illegal to be driving barefoot in South Africa, or is it allowed? Several driving licence test examiners have apparently been giving applicants the instruction that they must wear shoes for their driving licence tests. What does the law say about this?

That instruction is completely unfounded and not based on any rule of the road or regulation contained in the South African National Road Traffic Act.


You are allowed to drive a vehicle without wearing shoes

Driving barefoot is not illegal in South Africa. In the words of the Department of Transport representative, per an e-mail we have sighted:

“There is nothing in the Act that disqualify a person to drive a motor vehicle bare foot. It was never a disqualification in any law as far as what I know.

So an applicant may drive a motor vehicle bare foot during the driving licence test.”

Comment from SAIDI: “While we all know it would be better if they did [wear shoes], since feet are very sensitive and can get hurt on the pedals, we also know that many applicants love driving barefoot and cannot comfortably wear shoes.”

Comment from this site, to such examiners: If it ain’t the law, stop misleading candidates with rubbish. Are you trying to solicit a bribe for ‘allowing’ barefoot driving, because you know the candidate can be intimidated by what you claim is the law? Or is it just plain ignorance of the law?


Have you been told that you may not drive barefoot for the test?

Expose illegal practices. If you are or have been given this incorrect instruction in regard to the driving licence test, it is suggested that you report the matter to the head of the testing station so that the examiners can be informed that this instruction is wrong in terms of traffic law.

Also, feel free to share your experience on our Facebook page, with the details — including which testing station, etc.


Feet, footwear and safe driving

Feet, footwear and safe driving

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Crash avoidance and bringing the vehicle to a sudden stop requires not only effective brakes, but also the ability to react swiftly and apply adequate pressure to the brake pedal.

Despite this awareness few drivers pay enough attention to the footwear that would best enable them to control their vehicles safely! In a recent survey many female drivers confessed that their choice of what to wear is based on what goes best with their outfit rather than what is the safest footwear to drive.



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