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All driving instructors must be registered with Govt

Driving Instructor With Pupil In Car (Copright)In terms of the South African National Road Traffic Act (see excerpt below), you are not allowed to make use of driving instruction services from anyone who is not legally registered with the Government Authorities as a Driving Instructor.

This means that if you intend taking driving lessons with a driving school, the instructor who teaches you must be registered in terms of the Law. It is your responsibility to check when you make a booking for lessons.

The Act:

28. Instructor to be registered

(1) No person shall act as instructor unless he or she is registered in terms of section 28B.

(2) No person shall employ any other person as an instructor, or make use of any other person’s services as instructor, unless that other person is registered as an instructor in terms of section 28B.

28B. Registration and grading of instructors

(1) No person shall be registered to act as instructor unless he or she—

(a) has passed the prescribed examination;

(b) is of good character; and

(c) is mentally and physically fit to act as instructor, and was medically examined to ascertain such fitness.

(2) A person referred to in subsection (1) shall only be registered as instructor in respect of a class of motor vehicle which he or she is licensed to drive.

(3) The chief executive officer shall, if satisfied that an applicant referred to in section 28A complies with subsections (1) and (2), register and grade such applicant in the prescribed manner.

Note: The driving instructor must be a registered instructor for the code of vehicle for which you require a driving licence. Such an instructor is considered ‘graded’ for such a class of vehicle.


Request confirmation of registration when booking your lessons

In terms of 28 (2) above, it is your responsibility as a learner driver not to use the services of an unregistered driving instructor.

Unfortunately there are driving instructors giving K53 driving lessons who are not registered as required by Law, for one reason or another, for example, perhaps…

  • They run their own driving school on their own and simply are not aware that they need to be registered.
  • They are employed by a driving school and the school has not insisted that every one of its instructors is registered.
  • They just don’t care.


Take the legal stance

Some candidates who have taken lessons with unqualified instructors are known to have failed the driving test because of bad advice or teaching methods.

Whatever the reason for an instructor’s not being registered, you need to be taught properly and legally. It’s no use the public complaining about fraud and crime in South Africa if we as individuals do not take a stand and insist on legality and quality when we ourselves are involved.

So, when you make a booking for driving lessons, ask for confirmation that your instructor is in fact registered with the Authorities, and that the registration has not expired (it must be renewed every year). If you feel the need, ask to see the certificate. If he or she is not registered, then tell them you need lessons from a registered instructor and will have to look elsewhere.


SAIDI membership for instructors

SAIDI Logo RegisteredIf your driving instructor is a current member in good standing of the Southern African Institute of Driving Instructors (SAIDI), you are assured that they are also a legally registered instructor with the authorities. SAIDI requires proof of such registration (a copy of the actual registration certificate) for a driving instructor to be eligible for membership of SAIDI and be listed on the SAIDI National website.


Want to become a registered driving instructor?

How do I become a Driving Instructor? (info at ArriveAlive.co.za website)


Online directory of registered driving instructors in your area

There is a convenient and growing online national database offered by iDrive.co.za. Click this link to watch the iDrive video.

Two ways to use the iDrive site

  • Learner drivers: Find a registered driving instructor near you.
  • Driving schools: Become a member and increase your business.


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