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Watch this video as the driver loses control and goes over a cliff unexpectedly. Notice how quickly and unexpectedly things can change for the worse when driving dangerously and too fast.

This video was taken in the USA, hence the different road markings and left-hand drive vehicle

Note too:

  • The driver is clearly travelling too fast: he can’t even stay on his side of the solid double lines. (Being in the USA, he should be staying on the right-hand side of those yellow lines.)
  • He is thus breaking the rules of the road in terms of speed, road markings and driving recklessly.
  • The fact that he could not stay on his side of the road should have told him he was driving dangerously, and needed to slow down immediately. But he pushed it anyway, and got the results he wasn’t wanting.
  • If you see someone ahead of you going fast like the car in front of this driver, do NOT be tempted to keep up and show yourself that you too can handle the speed. Stay within the law and use common-sense.

BTW, the driver was fortunate not to have died in this crash.

For a press article about this, click here.

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