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Gavin Hoole - About this websiteThis K53 Test Info website offers helpful and accurate information related to the South African driver’s licence (correctly termed driving licence). It includes info about the SA learner’s licence test as well as the K53 test, which is the practical driving test that must be passed in order to obtain a driving licence in South Africa.


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Pass first time – but only if you prepare well

The South African learner’s licence test and K53 driving licence test are not easy to pass first time if you have not prepared yourself well enough in advance. Often I see posts on the K53 Test Info Facebook page where people say they’re doing their learner’s licence test tomorrow of the next day and need some urgent advice about which study manual to use.

Candidates often display a similar attitude with the K53 driving licence test. Some students think it’s easy and all they need is to be able to start, drive off and steer the car, and do a few manoeuvres like stopping, parking and moving off on an uphill slope.

You cannot expect to pass first time with only couple of days’ preparation. You need to prepare really well if you want success in each of these tests.

It’s all here – accurate facts and good advice

Everything you’ll need can be accessed via this website – your one-stop hub for K53 test information. The information is provided by one of the experts listed at ArriveAlive.co.za and author of several top-selling products on this subject since the 1980s. So you’re in the hands of the professionals who know what they’re talking about.

At this website you’ll find lots of useful information, including a number of the recommended products to choose from for your preparation — various manuals as well as an excellent interactive CD by Topscore.

Practice learner’s licence tests

Once you’ve finished studying for the K53 learner’s licence test, there are several options available for doing lots of practice tests:

  • in the manuals,
  • digitally with the Topscore CD/Book pack
  • online at a major publisher’s website
  • downloading the K53 Learner’s Test App for either Apple or Android phones and tablets.


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